Instrumentation Tubings

Sandvik Materials Technology is a world-leading manufacturer of products based on advanced metallic and ceramic materials. Our products and services contribute to our customers’ productivity, reliability and cost efficiency while reducing their environmental impact in a wide variety of industry segments. In partnership with customers, we jointly develop products and materials that meet the challenges of the future.

Facts about Sandvik Materials Technology
  • Sandvik Materials Technology consists of five product areas:
  • Tube, Strip, Wire and Heating Technology, Process Systems and MedTech
  • Strong tradition in innovation and extensive investments in R&D
  • Safety is the first priority in all our operations
  • Turnover: 17,700 MSEK (2010)
  • Number of employees: 9,000
  • President: Jonas Gustavsson
  • Part of the Sandvik Group
  • Continuous focus on sustainability
  • Worldwide sales and service network
Seamless stainless tubes for hydraulic and Instrumentation systems
As a leading worldwide supplier of seamless stainless tubes in both straight lengths and coils, Sandvik is uniquely equipped to help your address these challenges. With more than 100 years of experience in producing stainless steel, we continue to support our customers with the following:
  1. Technical knowledge.
  2. Integrated production.
  3. Wide stock assortment and distribution capacity.
  4. Global network of sales and service.
Hydraulic tubing and instrumentation tubing

Hydraulic tubes and instrumentation tubes in a comprehensive range of corrosion-resistant stainless steels and nickel alloys covering outside diameter (OD) 3 to 50 mm (0.118 to 1.968 inch). All sizes are supplied with smooth surfaces and close dimensional tolerances reducing the risk for leakages when connecting tubes with couplings.

Standard delivery form for Sandvik hydraulic and instrumentation tube is straight lengths of 6 meters, but our tubes can also be delivered as coiled tubing, contributing to reduced installation cost.

Tubes with high cleanliness

Sandvik hydraulic tubes and instrumentation tubes are characterized by high cleanliness, and tubes with OD larger than 5 mm (0.196 inch) can be delivered with plugged ends for transport protection against inside contamination.

Tubes in sizes according to ISO/EN

Seamless, stainless tubes in sizes according to ISO/EN. For sizes below 13.5 mm, please refer to Sandvik website to the product page for hydraulic and instrumentation tubes for further details.

List of materials – (other grades are available on request)

Duplex stainless steels
Sandvik grade UNS ASTM EN number W.Nr. AFNOR
Sandvik SAF 2507 UNS S32750 EN 1.4410
Sandvik SAF 2205 UNS S31803/S32205 EN 1.4462 Z2CND22-05-03
Sandvik SAF 2304 UNS S32304 EN 1.4362 W.Nr. 1.4362 Z2NC23-04AZ
Nickel alloys and high-alloy austenitic stainless steels
Sandvik grade UNS ASTM EN number W.Nr. AFNOR
Sandvik Sanicro 70 UNS N06600 ASTM Alloy 600 W.Nr. 2.4816
Sandvik Sanicro 41 UNS N08825 ASTM Alloy 825 W.Nr. 2.4858
Sandvik Sanicro 30 UNS N08800 ASTM Alloy 800 EN 1.4558 W.Nr. 1.4558
Sandvik Sanicro 28 UNS N08028 EN 1.4563 W.Nr. 1.4563
Sandvik 2RK65 UNS N08904 EN 1.4539 W.Nr. 1.4539 Z1NCDU25-20-4
254 SMO* UNS S31254 EN 1.4547 (W.Nr. 1.4529)**
Austenitic stainless steels
Sandvik grade UNS ASTM EN number W.Nr. AFNOR
Sandvik 8R40 UNS S34700/S34709 ASTM 347/347H EN 1.4550/1.4912 W.Nr. 1.4550 Z6CNNb18-10
Sandvik 5R75 UNS S31635 ASTM 316Ti EN 1.4571 W.Nr. 1.4571 (Z6CNDT17-12)**
Sandvik 3R65 UNS S31603/S31600 ASTM 316L/316 EN 1.4404/1.4401 W.Nr. 1.4404/1.4401
Sandvik 3R60 UNS S31603/S31600 ASTM 316L/316 EN 1.4435/1.4436 W.Nr. 1.4435/1.4436 Z2CND17-13
Sandvik 6R35 UNS S32100/S32109 ASTM 321/321H EN 1.4541/1.4940 W.Nr. 1.4541/1.4878 (Z6CNT18-10)**
Sandvik 3R12 UNS S30403/S30400 ASTM304L/304 EN 1.4306/1.4301 W.Nr. 1.4306/1.4301 Z2CN18-10
Testing of stock standard tubes in straight lengths
Standard Tests chemical
Tensile Hardness Flattening Ring-expanding Flaring Corrosion Hydrostatic
EN 10216-5 TC1 S S S1) S1) 4) T2)
NFA 49-117 S S S S S S5a) T2)
ASTM A269 S S S 5) T2)
ASTM A213 S3) S S S S 5) T2)
ASTM A789 S3) S S S T2)
ASTM B677 S S 6) T2)
ASTM B668 S S 6) S T2)
ASTM A632 S S 6) S 5) T
S = Sampling T = 100%
1) Either flattening or ring expanding test
2) Hydrostatic test is replaced by Eddy current test at option of Sandvik
3) Also product analysis of a billet or tube from each heat
4) Sandvik performs EN ISO 3651-2 Method A (DIN 50914)
5) Sandvik performs ASTM A262 PrE
5a) Sandvik also performs ASTM A262 PrE
6) Sandvik performs hardness test
7) Also according to DIN 17458 TC1
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