Fluid Engineering & Management

Salaty Synergy provides technological products and procedures for solution in LNG Ship to Ship (STS) and chemical transfer. Our principals which are GUTTELING B. V., for Multi-composite Hose and KLAW LNG LTD, for the complete LNG Ship-to Ship Systems. KLAW LNG is the world leader in safe LNG transfer system. KLAW LNG ability to package the solution for LNG STS Transfer is invaluable to our customers in terms of design, quality and cost.

Our interest in providing the solutions in all areas of fluid mechanics applications, to all types of fluid transfers by providing equipment, devices and procedures involving fluid flow, including improving pumps, turbines, compressors, pipelines, fluidic systems.

Cheng Fluid Fluids System Inc (CFS), USA is dedicated to solving customer’s fluid flow problems by using CFS technology and experience, along with our patented products, the Cheng Rotation Vane (CRV®) and Large Angle Diffuser (LAD®).

Cheng Fluid Systems, Inc. understands the value of high performing parts that minimize maintenance, plant downtime and costs.

Provide Procurement Specifications of LNG STS Transfer equipment leading to a complete LNG STS transfer solution. This is possible with collaborations of GUTTELING B.V., and KLAW LNG LTD. Both have vast experience in Safe LNG STS transfer and the world leading industry with first-hand experience in the Safe Ship-to-Ship transfer of LNG. The system offered including the incorporation of the new SIGGTO LNG STS guidelines and EN1474 (1-2-3).

Cheng Fluid Systems, Inc. is located in Mountain View, California. It was formed in October of 1990 to develop, patent, and market Fluid Flow Conditioning Devices & Solutions. Cheng Fluid Systems, Inc. holds the patents for the Cheng Rotation Vane (CRV®) and Large Angle Diffuser (LAD®). Due to their unique and fundamental nature, the CRV® and LAD® have a significant market and a wide range of applications, from fuel systems in aircraft and automobiles to large industrial and utility complexes, such as chemical processing, power plants and water distribution utilities.


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