Fluid Phase Behaviour & Properties

DBR Design & Manufacturing Inc.. enjoys a respected place in the international market place by offering its clients the most practical, accurate and reliable solutions to the problem of high pressure experimentation.

Fluid Behaviour Equipment

Equipment design and manufacturing services are provided by DBR Design and Manufacturing Inc.,in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Through the cooperative efforts of researchers, equipment designers and machinists and the recognized need for specialized high pressure laboratory facilities, the unique line of high pressure equipment has emerged. This equipment is manufactured using the highest standard of precision workmanship and materials and optimized ease of operation, performance, maintenance and safety.

Individual Components Manufactured:
  • High Pressure Fluid Sample Cylinders
  • High Pressure Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Back Pressure Regulators
  • Electromagnetic Viscometers
  • Pendent Drop Cells
  • Constant Temperature Air Baths
  • Recombination Cells
  • High Pressure PVT Cells
  • Magnetic Mixers
  • Sapphire Visual Cells
  • High Pressure Sight Glass Cells
  • Flash Equilibrium Cells
  • Triaxial Core Holders
  • High Pressure Steam Generators
  • Gasometers
  • Pressure Intensifiers
  • CCD Level Detection Equipment (Interface Detection)
Complete Apparatus Manufactured:
  • Complete High Pressure Phase Behavior Apparatus
  • High Pressure Recombination Apparatus
  • Onset and Bulk Solids Detection System
  • Reservoir Condition Contact Angle/Interfacial Tensiometer
  • High Temperature Spinning Drop Interfacial Tensiometer
  • Slim Tube Miscibility Apparatus
  • Rising Bubble Apparatus
  • Formation Damage Facility
  • Core Flood Facility
  • High Temperature Core Steam Flooding Apparatus
  • Automatic Liquid Collection Device
  • Gas-Oil-Ratio (GOR) Apparatus
  • Commissioning of Complete Fluid Property Laboratories
  • Custom Design Equipment

Many research problems require the use of innovative methods. Recognising this necessity, DBR Design & Manufacturing Inc. offers its engineering expertise to implement modifications to existing equipment, or to custom design and build completely new concept prototypes.


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